Olevano Romano (Vende), 2017
i LIVES HERE, 2020

Antonia Low

Tommy Støckel  

an installation

Antonia Low and Tommy Støckel
Antonia Low
Tommy Stockel
Antonia Low and Tommy Støckel

Antonia Low works with spaces and how they are perceived, appropriates and makes the space itself the material of her reflection. Her Olevano Romano (Vende) creates an illusion of a distant memory, especially of a place that cannot be travelled towards during lockdown.

In his sculptures, Tommy Støckel renders autonomy and illusionism in paper, cardboard and polystyrene with a meticulousness. The new sculpture he created for Die Balkone "i lives here" is based on the first letter of the graffiti "irgh" on the house façade and takes over one of the windows. 



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