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Adam Broomberg

Juju, 2021

Adam Broomberg’s grandmothers’ false teeth (one of the two of six siblings that survived Auschwitz, with the teeth being all of her that he inherited), the hip bone of his childhood dog Olly, a seahorse skeleton that was given to him by someone he deeply cared for, his supply of antidepressants, a watch with Saddam Hussein’s face on it that he got in Erbil in 2005 are all part of a selection of many intimate random objects that are nailed on the wall above Adam Broomberg’s bed that he shares with his children. Each of these is of personal importance and each of these is a perfect material for a bedtime story. Stuffed in a birdcage that is dangling on a string down from the balcony just at eye level of the people passing by, he secretly wished for someone to steal them.

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