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David Rych

Untitled (Our Time), after Untitled (Perfect Lovers) by Félix González-Torres, 2021

Two synchronized clocks, ticking side by side, and eventually falling out of synch was a powerful artwork made by Félix González-Torres during the AIDS crisis, when his partner Ross Laycock was diagnosed with AIDS. This artwork was a gesture “to act right now,” it was a declaration of love, a tribute to generosity and cruelty of time, a form of militant mourning. The last version of the work was made in 1991 to be widely reproduced. David Rych proposes a tribute to Félix González-Torres, tracing a link to our times, marked again by an illness, a particular flow of time, and the sheer feeling of interdependency. Here minutes are not registered, the clocks show the progression from one day to another, pointing to the chronological limbo many may feel at the present.

David Rych


is an artist and filmmaker. His projects, videos, and films engage with issues of cultural, social, and political transformations as a basis for aesthetic decisions. His work explores the different approaches in documentary and composition of moving image archives, mostly dealing with the production of knowledge in relation to collective identities, personal and official narratives of history, and their visual representations. Rych’s art projects and films have been internationally exhibited in museums, art biennials, and media arts festivals. He is a professor of Screen Media Art Practices and head of study programs at the Art Academy in Trondheim within the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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