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an installation by Knut Eckstein

Knut Eckstein
Knut Eckstein

In his minimalistic sculptural installations, Knut Eckstein chose to evoke stories with materials and signs he uses from the everyday, reversing them. In Die Balkone, he offered to use his studio window as a display for one of his collage prints with a similar logic, to trigger the curiosity of passersby.


(born in 1968 in Hessen) lives and works in Berlin. Eckstein studied at Hunter College in New York with Robert Morris (1996–98). He previously studied at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. An important resource for Eckstein's work – be it in plastic or photography – is the built environment. With "poor" found materials, the artist creates stacked works from minimal resources. The aesthetics of the materials used – their colors, lettering, emblems, and logos – also contribute to the resulting conglomerates of color, shapes, and volumes, wearing a new reference system in itself.

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