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Gfeller and Hellsgård:



an installation

Lage Egal

LAGE EGAL is an artist-run curatorial project space by Pierre Granoux on Greifswalder Strasse, active since 2010. LAGE EGAL participated in Die Balkone with their ongoing exhibition NOT SO A WHITE CUBE #17—HONOR THY ERROR AS A HIDDEN INTENTION by the artist duo Gfeller and Hellsgård. Their silkscreen glass print works La Verre Napoleon 1–2 (2020) was visible from the street.


Founded in 2010, LAGE EGAL still regards itself as an experimental Berlin-based laboratory intent on tampering with the prevalent mechanisms of art presentation and mediation in a rather playful way. The emphasis is on curatorial projects that scrutinize and reconsider the stature of exhibitions as such, also as a creative act that repeatedly provides the audience with new ways of viewing art. 


LAGE EGAL has set a long-term goal to give artists the opportunity to display their work outside the commercial art market, also as a professional ground for curatorial practice to guest curators. LAGE EGAL also distinguishes itself through its thematic discussions with artist’s books and editions — and accordingly by questioning the original, the copy or reproduction, the duplicate or the series. 


Even though the designation 'artist-run space' or ‘project space’ as such suggests a local constant, the concept of the non-profit art space(s) LAGE EGAL ("location no matter") is rather unattached to one specific location. LAGE EGAL is not only a word–play, it also describes exactly the process of a textual and programmatic dynamism and flexibility where the location of the space becomes irrelevant.

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