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Markus Uhr
(Note di Sguardi) 

Within the frame of Note di Sguardi the following artists are currently presented: 

Markus Uhr (Berlin-Prenzlauerberg, Eva Scharrer), Irene Fenana (Bologna, Gino Gianuizzi), Francesco Mazzolani (Cervia, Giovanna Sarti). 


Markus Uhr, THE TRUTH, Buenos Aires 2018

The picture was taken in Buenos Aires in "my street". Only two blocks away from Casa de la Suiza, where I was allowed to live and work for six months as part of an artist residence. I surely walked past the car that had been in the same place for over 6 months a hundred times. Always visually overwhelmed – distracted by something. The street was alive day and night. Until my eye glued to that door on another sunny day.  


Markus Uhr *1974 Baar, CH, lives in Berlin

Recent exhibitions: KINDL Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin (2021); Galerie Billing, Baar (2019); Kunstmuseum Luzern; Galerie Anna Klinkhammer, Düsseldorf; Proa 21, Buenos Aires; Reisebüro Global, Berlin (2018); Haus am Lüssiweg, Zug; Museo de la Cancilleria, Mexico City; Kunsthaus Zug; Deichtorhallen Hamburg (2017).



Note di Sguardi

is a local-international project conceived by Giovanna Sarti. Starting from district Zona 1 in Cervia, it connects like a rhizome with districts of other cities: in its first edition these are S. Stefano in Bologna and Berlin-Pankow. From September 2020 on, 36 posters are shown in public space in the three participating cities, created by 36 international artists who currently live there. Three artists are presented parallel for one month each. Invited by Giovanna Sarti for Cervia, Gino Gianuizzi for Bologna, and Eva Scharrer for Berlin, each artist was asked to select an image from their photo archive, which captures afleeting moment and is of specfic meaning to them.



CERVIA • • • Largo Trebbo Poetico, Circonvallazione Sacchetti, 48015, Cervia - Italy

BOLOGNA • • • Giardino Lavinia Fontana, Via del Piombo 5, 40125, Bologna - Italy

BERLIN • • • Bibliothek am Wasserturm/Museum Pankow, Prenzlauer Allee 227/228, 10405, Berlin - Germany

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