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Matylda Krzykowski

Your Desktop Is Your Balcony, 2021

Your desktop and your interior can be understood, 

in a very general sense, as the locations of experiences 

and negotiations, of the 21st Century. In its desired form 

they are the places where personal identities are formed.


I do not have a balcony but my window to the outside world 

is the desktop, while the interior of my home is committed 

to the idea, that it not only mirrors my contemporary life,

more importantly, it plays a role constructing it. This exterior 

party is an information to my physical and digital interior 

condition in pandemic times.


“The increasing levels of complexity that characterise 

realised, represented and idealised interiors in early 

20st Century private and public spaces suddenly seem 

unproblematic, however, until they are considered 

alongside the implications for the interior of the 

concept ‘virtual space’.Perhaps in that context, in which new 

inside and outside spaces can be accesses through computer 

screen - which can be viewed at home, at work, in the gym, 

in the garden, in an aeroplane or on the top of a mountain - the idea of 

modernity, of the separate spheres, and above all of the 

modern interior, cease to have any meaning.”


Quoting Penny Sparke from the book The Modern Interior (2008) 

-Matylda Krzykowski 

Matylda Krzykowski


plans, designs, writes, and talks about physical and digital space. Currently cocurator and codesigner of Total Space at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, curator of GROP solo show of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon at Von Bartha Basel, curator of Workspace in Progress at Museum of Applied Art Cologne, curator-at-large of the Maastricht Institute of Arts and columnist of Things Might at Arts of the Working Class magazine. 

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