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Monika Jarecka

Fahnen, 2021

installation in public space, printed silk fabric, and Voile de Ville

dimensions: 120 x 190 cm.


Fahnen are special street flags painted by hand, and yet not exactly. The daily manual gesture of applying one color per day created notations that are repeated and digitalized, and then printed onto the silk and voile. Those “scantings” in the form of abstract flags are looking out from a balcony on Raabestrasse. Flags are usually official, those or intimate and private. After the exhibition, the silk will be translated again, turning into a scarf and given as a gift. 


Monika Jarecka

was born in Poznan, Poland, and currently lives in Berlin. Jarecka's visual research deals with the parameters of painting. Her works focus on lines, surfaces, colors, the rectangular shape of a canvas, and placements in space and time. Often in her works, the physical traces of collectively experienced time and painterly actions become an exhibited object, frequently as a work process and result rolled into one.

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