an installation by Salwa Aleryani and Matheus Rocha-Pita

Salwa Aleryani and Matheus Rocha Pitta
Salwa Aleryani
Salwa Aleryani
Matheus Rocha Pitta
Salwa Aleryani

On the window sill sits a bowl full of beads that I slide down the facade of the building — one-by-one — through an abacus-like thread. Salwa Aleryani and Matheus Rocha-Pita’s collaboration is on expanding time and space during quarantine. Roca-Pita’s Untitled is a humble way to address that one doesn’t need a wall to have a home. It refers to a Brasilian children song ‘A funny house’, a house with no walls, ground or ceiling, that didn’t exist but is still made with a lot of love. Salwa Aleryani suspends an almost invisible thread with beads sliding down from her window one bead at a time over Rocha’s ‘funny house’ and counting time spent in isolation. 



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