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Salwa Aleryani

An Hour's Long Window, 2021

“I recently reread Georges Perec’s An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris and I can’t help but think of it here. Looking inside out: a parked black/white/blue car, birds chirping, a person in blue smoking, the sound of a basketball bouncing, a baby pushed in a carriage, a one-way street sign. Looking outside into a nearby window: a hanging plant with yellow flowers, a crumpled pillow, a person standing up, the sound of a song playing, an orange and blue shirt hanging. As I lean on the sill, a neighbor gives me the thumbs-up, I turn to this screen to type, the breeze is still cooler than the sun, I close the window.” 

 -Salwa Aleryani

Salwa Aleryani

(born in Sana’a, Yemen; lives and works in Berlin) is a visual artist working primarily with sculpture and installation. Through a constellation of found and made objects, her work engages with sites and infrastructures, as well as notions of hope and promise in building and rebuilding.

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