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Stine Marie Jacobsen & Teobaldo Lagos Preller

Always Working, 2021

A photographic window reflection of an artist and a curator working together in a studio space is displayed onto the studio window. When do, or did, they last work? During Die Balkone, the artist and curator will work in synch and asymmetrically with this photograph, which fossilizes them in time. The photograph on the studio window evokes in the viewer a working scene. Both the artist and the curator look worried. The characters seem to ask whether they’ll ever work again. The studio space is located in a historical and semi-rural courtyard with an environment that lingers between different epochs of Berlin. Entering the courtyard implies entering a narrative, where curiosity is activated. What you see is work frozen between absence and presence. 

Stine Marie Jacobsen

is a conceptual artist working on long-term participatory and educational projects such as Direct Approach, Law Shifters, and Group-Think. With a focus on law, violence, film, language, and gender, she creates platforms for critical thinking and new ways of looking at ethics, identity, control, fear, and trust.


Teobaldo Lagos Preller

is a writer and curator based in Berlin. His practices are research-based and he questions bodily experiences, public spaces, and memories. He holds a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Barcelona. He is focused on the affects and narratives on the realm of the artistic fact.

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