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Uslar und Rai/Sophia Tabatadze

Soul Kitchen - a Coloring Book by Sophia Tabatadze, 2021


Sophia Tabatadze shows her drawings made during the pandemic. In these drawings she registered her home observations during the lockdown, strange combinations took place in the household with the kid, toy lizards were taped on the slide in the living room, iron met drawing materials on the kitchen table and so on... so instead of cleaning up Sophia started noticing these combinations and drawing them on A4 papers, instead of trying to go to the studio she brought her studio home.


Later she turned these drawings into a coloring book, published by Georgian company Mukao.


“Soul Kitchen” is the name of the coloring book, and as a coloring book these works can end up in everyone’s kitchen.


Sophia Tabatadze

lives and works in Tbilisi and Berlin. She has shown her work internationally, she represented Georgia at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and the same year participated in Istanbul Biennale as well. 

Her practice is more of an autonomous artist in Europe and a curator in Georgia, where she organizes projects through the organization GeoAIR that she founded in 2003.

Uslar & Rai

is a bookstore with a focus on German and English literature, but also with children's books and Berlin literature.

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